Agricultural Biosecurity


Tactical science programs within our network work to ensure agricultural biosecurity for food and other agricultural goods. Agricultural Biosecurity includes the protection of the integrity, reliability, sustainability, and profitability of the U.S. food and agricultural system against threats from pests, diseases, contaminants, and disasters. Biosecurity is another way to think about national security. If we do not have a secure food supply, we are at the mercy of import markets. The United States has traditionally been a producer of abundant food and other agricultural products that can be exported. Food and agricultural products, especially raw materials are economic drivers for the country. Threats from new pests and pathogens that we may not be prepared for can damage our production, which impacts producer profitability. These new introductions can also threaten our trade system. Trading partners will not accept our agricultural products if they believe that they contain pests or pathogens. Thus, maintaining agricultural biosecurity is critical to the health of the agricultural enterprise and the U.S. economy.

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